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Quiet Communication



Effective Communication for Introverts

Bring valuable information, help introverts understand and promote their strengths to achieve effective communication in study, work and life

Nội dung khóa học

Curriculum content

Session 1: Assertive Communication - The "Determined Communication" Method

  • Resolute communication does not mean telling others to do what you want, nor does it mean rejecting every suggestion you don't want to do, much less asserting your point of view regardless of what the other person thinks.

  • Firm communication is agreeing that it should be done that way, or simply agreeing that we disagree. Did you know that “the HOW you say it is more important than the WHAT you say! Especially when you want to say NO!”

Session 2: Identifying and taming the inner voice

  • Have you ever wanted to do something really hard but couldn't get started? Have you heard the harsh words in your head when you were a kid, now every time you want to do something important, you feel small and incompetent?

  • Do you want to “go beyond yourself” and get back what you deserve? Would you rather tame and nurture the white wolf in your lap instead of letting the evil black wolf rampage?

Session 3: Re-framing - Method "Reframing"

  • You've heard the words I'm too busy to have time for myself / She's always late / I can't lose weight / I tried my best?

  • Yeah, agree that you're having a hard time. We feel how we think. And, what if we could see things in a new way? Would you like to try taking off your old glasses, reinterpreting the picture in front of you, and trying to rewrite your life story, from now on?

Session 4: Use words to win people's hearts

Choose words that please each other, persuade or just say what others want to hear…Do you know what other people, and especially yourself, like to hear the most? How does it sound? That's it, effective communication is more than TALKING.

Activities for 3 hours/session

3 hours of teaching by lecturers
Alternating activities coordinated by tutors
Practice specific situations right in class
Homework applied right to life

Form of support after the course

From Instructor and Compassion

Support consulting/coaching/mentor via email on topics related to the course within 2 months , after training, maximum 5 emails/student

Giảng Viên



Career and Life Coach

"For me, counseling or consulting, it's just together with you to recognize the gem within yourself, and light it up, so that your day gradually shines. Me too. Life is beautiful!"

Community Founding

"For me, the most important thing for effective communication is to understand yourself, understand others and convey the most sincere message. The rest, all can be learned & practiced"

  • PHAM MINH QUAN - Technology and Design

  • NGUYEN NHU PHUONG  - Communication and connection

  • PHAM NGOC HAN - Service customer

  • HUYNH HO HAI YEN - Customer service



Course pictures

Quiet Communication Lock 1





I often feel insecure when talking to extroverts, they used to be too "excess energy", rushing and too fast, making me feel overwhelmed when talking. But since learning assertive communication skills, I feel more relaxed & confident when talking to them. One of the lessons I like the most is "Using the word win people heart", easy to understand, close and very effective in practical application. For example, the word "and", I did not expect it to have such great power when conveying such a message to others... Hopefully in the future WIG will have more useful lessons and exchanges. so more. Ah, I hope everyone can unite the students of Course 1 into a small community because coming to this class, we already have a good relationship with each other ^^

The lesson content has many very attractive videos, suitable for introverts.

The location of the course is very suitable, the space is cozy, the class size is moderate, the interaction level is enough, the support form via email and text message is very nice and close.

Thank you very much, the Compassion team, through the course, I realized many things to improve myself, suddenly realized that introversion or extroversion are all great. Hope the team has more enthusiasm to organize more activities. Thank you!

When I first joined the course, in addition to improving myself, what I wanted was to hear stories from other people participating in the course. And I was very impressed and surprised that I was able to meet so many people with so many different personalities. Everyone has their own unique personality, interesting and lovely points. I am really impressed with Ms. Hang, a pediatrician, because of her strength. In addition, when I come here, I feel that my fears and low self-esteem are no longer so scary, I just haven't been able to control myself. From what I have learned from Ms. Khanh and from the sharing of other students, I feel more and more how important words and feelings are, how precious they are. And I need to learn how to "communicate firmly", to "control my inner voice". What I regret when the course ends is that I can't hear you guys share my stories. further.
And the only thing I think if it can be done better is to be able to somehow connect people before the course better. Because it is not easy for everyone to share their story with people they meet for the first time, especially for introverts. So if you know each other and can talk to each other, and when you are more connected, people are willing to share their stories. That way you will hear more interesting stories.



Học phí


480,000 VND

Package of 2 lessons

You will be able to choose to take the first 2 lessons or the last 2 lessons out of a total of 4 sessions of the whole course

Package the whole course

VND 900,000

You register for all 4 sessions of the course

Tuition refund policy is committed to 100% refund of tuition if you feel not satisfied with all of the following criteria:

  • The value of the course brings

  • How to organize the course of

  • ​Teaching and support staff



At Qspace 30/11C Mac Dinh Chi, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
The course starts continuously - when there are enough students. The class schedule is updated - all official information will be notified via email to registered students



(Courses under the Quiet Communication program will start continuously when the number of students is reached)

Đăng Ký Học
Dành cho học viên


Some support during and after the course of for students of the Quiet Communication course:

  • Review Livestream, photos, recording files of lessons

  • Connect with instructors as well as other students

  • Get back the course materials (if any)

  • Send feedback to about the course

  • Participate in other "Quiet Communication" activities in the future


Through joining the closed group of the course on Facebook at:

SEND FEEDBACK ON COURSE TO COMPASSION.VN is committed to listening and finding ways to improve for better activities, all students' shares will be kept confidential by

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