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How I Became Your "Time Stealer"

In 2011, I was in charge of building a "specialist magazine" for a startup, I needed to find some translators, I would pay them. I applied for a job and received a few dozen registrations, I sent each person a test translation and then made an appointment to send it back a few days later. A few days later, I was furious because I had just received a lot of translations, without paying them a dime. That number of translations can be enough for me to use without hiring and paying anyone more, for a while. I suddenly realized, if I "take advantage" of this, I will become the "time thief" of the candidates, just by recruiting a few times. But I did not do so.

However, that "dark" thought followed me through the years, to help me realize: The power of community is enormous. If you know how to use it to make a positive impact, it will create big changes, from the small efforts of many people. And I know about Crowdsourcing  - That's the "dark" thing I'm thinking of.

In 2017, I tested it with the series of career-themed translations "How I got a job in the US" (including many experiences of international students looking for work in the US - Here ), the topic of love. yourself (including more than 30 self-love articles from introverts at WIG - Great Introvert - Here ). And most recently, the topic of Personality Psychology (including a group of articles on Introvert - Introvert & HSP - Highly Sensitive People - Here ). And really impressed, I "verified" the power from that community. In a short time we received translations, automatically & proactively from many volunteers. And that "huge amount of work" was completed in a short time from the small efforts of many people.

And now, I want to create bigger activities, make bigger impacts, from more people - still with small contributions. If you have 4 hours a week, become a Compassio volunteer - you just need to spend that little time, to contribute to bigger things.

I have a friend who said: "Sometimes I know I've been cheated, but I accept it because it benefits people. It has to be beneficial for people - then they cheat me." Very carefree and pure, but I like the thought of it. If you know I "steal your time" to create useful articles together, would you agree to let me "steal"?

Pham Dai Bang - Founder/Founder

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Enjoy the results together

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All with just 04 hour. And you get


The feeling of "dedicating" to a useful content is very interesting


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Practice translating - writing skills

A good opportunity for you to try and develop your writing - translating skills

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Connecting people and participating in many useful activities from Compassion

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