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  • 100% Certified Professionals, Qualified for Service

  • 100% Compassio Verified & Verified Expert

Danh Sách Expert Cung Cấp Dịch Vụ


Booking Policy on Compassio:

  1. Booking time : At least 02 days in advance - Up to 30 days (from the time of booking)

  2. Cancel policy (Cancel) : Cancel or change the schedule at the latest 01 day (up to the date of appointment)

  3. Payment : Depending on the form of payment
    - Paid service: Pay for Expert or Compassio by session
    - 'Pay It Forward' form of fee : A service that has a fee - but is paid that fee to another individual or social organization (suggested or specified) - aimed at social impact (social impact)
    - Use Coupon : Discount code is entered directly when paying on the website or manually provided at checkout

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