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To find Life's Purpose

Purpose is like a fire. All it takes is to find more wood and oil to keep the fire going – Rumi

You have heard, maybe in a course or from someone, that each of us should have a “big purpose” in life, a purpose that is bigger and deeper than just focusing on ourselves. It could be helping others have a better life by sharing or communicating their experiences through writing or speaking. It is teaching children to live independently and to love themselves. It is about finding ways to encourage people to feel heard and trusted as they pursue their own goals. It is to help people who are in difficult and painful situations. Is not afraid to show your kindness to others to instill the belief that sincere kindness is always present in life. Is to dedicate one's whole life as a torch to guide the human realm, instead of diving in a river of sorrow and sadness, will aim for a life in which love and compassion are always placed in the most sacred place in the heart. heart of every human being (Bodhisattva Way)


There is nothing great or small, impossible or possible to say about one's purpose. As long as you feel that what you are doing is meaningful, you do your best to do this work for the benefit of everyone. The “big goal” will not be about self-development. But you will develop yourself to serve the " great purpose ".


Two big reasons why it's important to have a "big purpose" are:

1. You will really need it. The difficulties that life brings are often the beginning of a change towards the good things behind. If you do not have a "big purpose" to guide you, then when you have to face difficult situations, you are like a blind person who has to find a way out of the maze.

2. You really should get out of your "ego-revolving world" life . We spend too much time thinking about things that concern us. Do I look good, do I fit, what do people think of me, am I behaving correctly, why do these things happen to me, will I get what I want, am I enough Is it good. People always think about themselves. But if we just do that, we will imprison ourselves in a world of selfishness and poverty of soul.


Look deeper within yourself and ask yourself what is your divine purpose and more than that, how do you live a life that fulfills that purpose.


A divine purpose to lean on in stormy days…


Imagine that you decide to do a meditation course for about a week because you know the benefits of meditation are increased attention and concentration.


The first session, after a few basic instructions, the trainer will tell you to practice sitting meditation. Then you continue to meditate while walking, very gently and aware of your every step. While eating you also meditate, be silent and enjoy each dish. You go to bed early, wake up in the morning and meditate all day, not talking to anyone. Returning to your room, you realize that this meditation is not as easy and comfortable as you initially imagined.


You passed the second session, but in your head you thought of giving up: I don't want to do this anymore. All I get is hip pain, back pain and brain fatigue.


You are put in a situation: give up or continue this?


If you can put your love into action to move forward during that difficult time, you make a big breakthrough for yourself. You break familiar stereotypes, creating a fertile ground for growth, knowledge, and innovation. Those are the situations that you need to put yourself in if you want to grow, the situations that lead you to give up, to withdraw when you encounter it. It doesn't have to be too dangerous, but enough to make you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable giving up on existing patterns.


At that difficult time, if there is something in you that you really care about, there are people that you really love, that is the motivation for you to firmly overcome difficulties. If there is nothing in you to serve or contribute, you will immediately withdraw when you encounter those difficult circumstances. Because there's no reason for you to deal with it.


All you need is a big purpose to get through the tough days.


…And to open your eyes to the vast world around you.


Almost all of the time, people think about what's around them: what they want, what other people think of them, their unpleasant feelings, making things their way…_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_It's a hard and narrow life – focusing solely on yourself, what you want or don't want. Have a bigger purpose, focus on helping people is the way to be satisfied and enjoy life. Just like when you stand on top of a mountain and look at everything around you, you will have a more open mind about yourself and others, you realize there are invisible things that bind us together.

How to find yourself a divine purpose

There are two principles to guide you: 1 - Eliminate all distractions and 2 - Listen to your inner voice. All your focus is on hearing the voice of your life's purpose deep within you.


Simplify your daily routine, clean up your schedule, cancel meetings, projects, and tasks that don't mean much to you, and then:


1. Make a list of the things you are doing right now. What makes you feel meaningful and fulfilled, what doesn't.

2. Make a list of things you've done in the past that you find meaningful to you . Does it have anything to do with your current job?

3. Face the suffering in your life. Difficult obstacles have great meanings. Suffering is not something we should avoid, but it is a motivation for us to grow up, a guide for us to find the meaning of work to maintain our efforts.

4. Take time to calm down. Immerse yourself in nature or choose a private space, thanks to the silence gained in that space to listen to the voice in your heart, in your soul, in your ego. And don't try to perceive, consider those voices. Just listen.

5. Remain listening without thinking even when you interact with others or read books. What do you feel inspires you?

6. Listen, listen…  and then choose an idea, a goal you feel should be done and take action. You can't know anything unless you roll up your sleeves and do it, so when you choose you just need to "feel it" without thinking too much: volunteer, write a book, record a voiceover, decide going to help someone…Watch what happens, what new happens when you do it.

Searching for a perfect answer may be correct in the search for truth, knowledge, but should not apply in your situation. Just get started and enjoy the curiosity, the surprise, the mystery along the way.


How to live according to the purpose you have chosen


Once you've chosen a career that makes you feel like you've reached the secret chamber of your divine purpose, it's time to push in and explore within. And the only way to get in is through the front door. You can enter through the window, climb the roof, dig a tunnel or detonate a bomb. Similarly there will be some ideas for you:


1. Make a list of guiding principles. Gather from your books, your experiences. You don't have to try to force yourself to always follow the rules. Look for the values and ideas of that principle as a good guide for you, from which you can adjust your behavior. Should review or remove inappropriate things, avoid rigidity.

2. Always remember your divine purpose . You should think about it every day. Ask yourself: Am I living up to my purpose? How can I focus more deeply on that purpose? What needs to be done today to serve that purpose?

3. Define purpose for each task . It will help you feel that what you do has meaning instead of doing useless things, from which you bring love and devotion into each of your activities.

4. There is regular review and review. You have defined a purpose to operate, but still need to review. We are bound to have a time of forgetting, of being distracted and drifting into old habits. It's really helpful to evaluate your work regularly, it helps you get back on track. For example: At the end of the day, you have a 5-minute assessment to see how work is today, how to do better tomorrow. Apply to the whole week, review what has been done, adjust for next week. Same with month and year.

5. There are people who sincerely support you . It's someone you can talk to about your divine purpose, ask questions, and care and help with what you do. They put pressure on you to make sure you live as best you can. They share their mission with you. They will be on your journey, for no one can enjoy profound fulfillment of divine purpose alone.

6.  Enjoy the satisfaction . Feel the meaning of fulfilling your purpose. Feel the love you have given (and received) hidden deep within your divine purpose, the good you have brought to others.

A divine purpose to lean on in stormy days…

Achieving one's divine purpose is not something that can be done overnight, and the truth is that it is not always easy to live the way you want. But you can still consider putting some of the ideas of this article into practice, you will be more aware of the meaning of your life.


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