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Location is TBD

Workshop "Growth Mindset - Creating a Growth Mindset"

Rediscover your own thinking land and develop the fruits of your thinking with the Points Of You tool with the Growth Mindset workshop - Building a Growth Mindset

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Workshop "Growth Mindset - Creating a Growth Mindset"
Workshop "Growth Mindset - Creating a Growth Mindset"

Time & Location

Details in the event description

Location is TBD

About The Event

Is the human mind inside the box or outside the box?

Man from birth is just a small object, mostly unable to change his own life automatically. But latent in each bunch of babies has the ability to develop freely with many different abilities.

As human beings, everyone goes through stages of physical, positional, emotional, and spiritual development. You may be able to reach full maturity at the age of 18. In terms of mind, when do you think your mind stops growing?

  • Do you learn and continue to acquire new knowledge, skills, and awareness every day?
  • Are you ready to consult with old concepts, knowledge, and definitions?
  • Do you act and think out of habit or flexibly apply complete options?
  • Do you feel comfortable, easy to do things in a new direction?
  • Do you test yourself with new things or push yourself to misery?
  • Have you found yourself growing old and incapable of further growth?
  • Do you have to be a new public, new joy, new progress every day?

To develop, we must open up to all heads and convert our awareness back into creative tools or create knowledge heads. Intake - Transform - Create this task of cognitive thinking as long as it operates continuously and spirals up, our thinking is still open and working well.

And the opposite advice will make the above identification formula operate quietly in place or gradually weaken with the downward torque. That is also the time when the door of individual development is closed, happiness and success also leave us.

If you have to touch the invisible glass ceiling of the frame of mind, how do you free the growth mindset? What tools help you clear your mind and create new perspectives?

Let's join Compassion to rediscover the land of their own thinking and develop the fruits of their thinking with the Points Of You tool with the Workshop "Growth Mindset - Creating a Growth Mindset"

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Originating in Israel, POINTS OF YOU is a tooled is used in the session; 1:1 training program and teamwork. Suitable for all audiences, goals and themes.

POINTS OF YOU Tool has been used by NASA, Google, Intel, Cirque du Soleil, Ikea, Visa, American Express and various organizations.

YOUR POINT is a useful tool for those working in the field:

- Training, education, human resources, coaching (coaching), network development

- Psychotherapy, doctor

- Organizing events and community activities...

- Parents

🌀 What does the Growth Mindset Workshop help you discover in the land of thinking?

  • How is your perception of yourself closed or open, in what life area, or under what circumstances?
  • Bypassing the closed-minded obstacles that keep us from self-development
  • Form a symbol that expands thinking, willingness to learn, and action beyond formulas
  • Accept and expand new thinking to keep progressing with the rapid changes of the world.

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🌀 Who will lead the way in the executive program to free our minds in the Workshop Growth Mindset?

We are honored to invite Ms. Coach Loan Truong to be the coordinator in the program. She is a person who is very passionate about helping people develop themselves as well as 15 years of experience in the field of human resources will help us broaden our horizons, think and plan better to exploit the potential that is being discovered. The mindset that prevents us from becoming corporate and happy.

Information distributors:

Coach Loan Truong

  • Certified Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Training
  • Certified Expert Instructor, YOUR WEAKNESSES
  • 15 years of experience in HR at startups and multinational corporations such as AIM, Lazada and Philip Morris.

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🌀 How do I join the Growth Mindset workshop?

We invite you to explore the Workshop "Growth Mindset - Creating a Growth Mindset" which takes place in:

Registration link:

- Time: 13:30 - 17:30 Saturday, December 5, 2020

- Location: Small Cai To - 193/31 Nguyen Dinh Chinh, Ward 11, Phu Nhuan District

🌀 Fee information:

Cost: 400,000 VND - Including 01 online/offline coaching session 1:1 after the workshop.

All Facilitator's remuneration will be supported by the Flood House.

Information about the flood protection program here:

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