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Ho Chi Minh City

Course: Fulfilling Business - Full Administration

The course “Fulfilling Business - Full Management” for personnel / leaders pursuing goals / business not only Rich (Enough) but also Happy (Full)

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Course: Fulfilling Business - Full Administration
Course: Fulfilling Business - Full Administration

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About The Event

In today's professional and business world, people are not just working, doing business for the sole purpose of making money. There has been a quantum leap in consciousness in each of us, we instinctively follow the important things other than money, success, fame, position.

The latest things we care about are obligations to bring, a larger world community, quality relationships, complete happiness in work relationships and personal lives.

However, in order to create and balance the two goals of work / business for a living / making a profit and the meaning of god, it is difficult in reality to fulfill both.

“Fulfilling” is the state in which we want to achieve a constant

Rich Enough - Full of Happiness


If we think that the mind is born on the basis that resources are always scarce and self-seeking is justifiable, then we can only choose between material wealth - spiritual poverty or lack of material - spiritual happiness.

When experiencing the state of "Full - Full", we will see

Enough - Infinite resources always exist in yourself and the world

⚜️ Full - Love shared between Me - We (I - Me) anytime, anywhere

With the spirit of approaching the meaning of work and business like that, Folks - Compassion opens the course "Fulfilling Business - Full Administration" for personnel / leaders pursuing goals / business not only Rich ( Enough) but also Happiness (Full) .

Registration link:

⚜️ Who is this program for?

Suitable object:

- Personal: Individuals interested in optimizing work performance & happiness at work

- Staff: personnel, management level & positions working with people

- Leader: The administrator, the head of the organization, starting the business...

⚜️ User Program Introduction

Pham Dai Bang - CEO of Folks Group; Founder of

Each position and responsibilities:

- Regional sales manager of Giaohangnhanh

- Assistant CEO of Tomato Education

- Store manager of The Coffee House

The course "Fulfilling Business - Full Administration" is led by Mr. Pham Dai Bang - CEO of Folks Group, site management unit - A website operating since 2018, with many activities Using the term Psychology. Mr. Pham Dai Bang graduated from National Economics University, starting from his interest in marketing & business administration, participated and won a number of awards in business and entrepreneurship. And then with a period of 10 years working for many different startups and organizations. Now Folks Group operates with the current CEO of the game.

With practical experience in the process of doing business, starting up as well as understanding applied psychology in the working environment, Mr. Pham Dai Bang always strives to create a full business environment in the organization, his colleagues, employees and customers and business partners. He and Folks Group want to spread the spirit of "Fulfilling Business - Full Governance" widely to the business community, so we started this course.

What is the goal of the program?

The "Fulfilling Business - Full Management" course helps students achieve the standards of building and operating two 'frontline' and 'background' blocks in a business model that is both effective and positive:

- Positive Org : positive organizational management (creating a Happiness At Work working environment, staff working with high performance in Flow state, implementing Positive Leadership style Positive leadership, ...)

- Active service : providing products and services in the direction of satisfying needs, creating operational effects for customers, the community and the world in general.

What is the main content of the course?

The program will go through the important points of applying Positive Psychology in administrative organizations:

  • Needs : Psychology & human needs in management (customers, personnel, partners)
  • Performance : Performance at work (individuals, teams & organizations)
  • Influence : Create a positive influence in the organization, carry out Positive governance
  • Fulfilling : Full environment & building organization

⚜️ Plugin the before and after key learning

1. Sharing session " Bupsyness - Bringing Psychology into Business Administration" : sharing an overview of knowledge about applied psychology in business, listening to case studies and suggesting solutions from students.

Register now here:

2. Support after the course : 1 hour Counseling support 1: 1 in real situations of students

3. Join and develop with the community "Fulfilling Businessman - Full Entrepreneur": - a community of entrepreneurs who not only pursue the goal of Wealth (Enough) but also Happiness (Full).

⚜️ Detailed information course

- Form of learning : Theory + Case study + Students' real situations

(support after key: 1 hour of actual sexual counseling support)

Is to the same deep and apply the device into the own love of each student, the course only prioritizes 08 - 12 students who register early and are enthusiastic with the goal of "Full Business"

- Length : 04 sessions

- Time : 13:30 - 17:00 on Sunday, 04 consecutive weeks in April 2021

- Registration link :

- Fee : VND 2,200,000 / course (04 lessons and 1 hour of consulting support 1: 1 in real situations of students after the course)

🎉 Promotion policy: 30% off tuition for students who register early before December 26, 2020

Transfer information, pay fees:

Account owner's name: Folks Group Co., Ltd

Account number: 160398 Bank: Asia - ACB

Content transfer: Full name - FFB - 2021

Welcome to the "Fulfilling Business - Full Management" Course !

See you in the program.


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