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Sun, 04 Aug


Community Center

Crowdtalk: Why I Don't Have Religion

This time will be a talk about the way to go to know the teacher, about "director", about the selection, about the signal ... of the young, before the options in life.

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Crowdtalk: Why I Don't Have Religion
Crowdtalk: Why I Don't Have Religion

Time & Location

04 Aug 2019, 19:00

Community Center, 30 Mac Dinh Chi, Da Kao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

About The Event


During a hike three years ago, we lost our way by deciding to climb a different trail than the project, exhausted from lack of food and water. I was so hungry that I had the illusion that I wanted to eat whatever I saw. There was a forest areca chamber that I saw being eaten, the rest were bitten, before the same large group: "It can't be eaten", so the whole road was damaged because of the hair of the areca berries. When I found my way down to the foot of the mountain, when I heard the rooster crowing, I imagined that if I caught it, I would eat it immediately without cooking.

Lost forever, there is no trace of anyone coming to this place, except for a small hunter machine. It was getting dark at last, and we decided that the men would descend from the top of the mountain along a small dry stream. It was the cold season, it was foggy, the rocks became slippery and prone to scarring. In the state of lack of water and food, fortunately, we did not have any accidents.

As far as the mountain, I met a small water path, of a few houses that took water from the top down. Only then can you rest assured that you will be less afraid of missing out. Hello owner moreover, neither of you guys have a phone, and all the people at home don't know we're here. There is a small ramp along the waterline for easy climbing. Going along forever, I finally saw a small failed house, showing signs of people living in. I'm so glad I finally got out of the "missing" life.

Following the short path down to the monks, they looked at me in bewilderment. This pagoda is very small and simple, just small houses labeled with a small stream. Looking at the default dress and restrained style of the monks here is to know how far their living conditions are. At that time, I just thought: I don't understand why there is money in places like this. Thanks to those people, they have very little contact with the outside world.

An elderly teacher had a young monk lead us down the mountain. Climb the stone steps down. A swarm of ants, the uncle went first, turned around, accepted the pardon and said: "Please don't go up". For the first time in my life I saw a person who really didn't want to kill like that. Stomach hungry and tired but complicated and sure to go through this house, will buy something to put in the stomach. So we were not lucky enough to beg for anything to eat. Walking in the middle, the boy asked: "Have you eaten yet?". We hesitantly replied: "No". After that, the custodian is waiting for a while to go and get food for him. Waiting near the temple's kitchen, I thought of the earthen wall kitchen when I was a child. In the pier cooktop, there were only a few vegetables and a few miscellaneous things. A little while later he brought us some raisins and a packet of rice cakes. We ate some and took some to take away. Thanks to that little food, it helped us avoid hunger because of hunger, because we didn't know that after that, there would be a few more trees before people could live there.

Today's version naturally reminds me of that temple, the image of a monk standing and repeating the images continuously, protecting us while waiting for the ants to pass, lonely in my head.

Quote from the article: Waiting for the Ants to Go - Pham Dai Bang.


Information about the event:

After The Passion Talk - after Why Are We Here? - After @ Who Am I - This Is Where We will continue the series of events with and Pham Dai Bang. This time will be a talk about the way to go to know the teacher, about "director", about the selection, about the signal ... of the young, before the options in life.

Information about the event:

The event, which has a scale of less than 15 people, is a close talk under the distribution (moderator) of Pham Dai Bang and the support of Team.

Events in a series of talks (Crowdtalk) on topics of interest to young people, questions, orientation, personal development, organized by Crowdtalk is an event where everyone participating in the event can give their views, stories or give their opinions on the topic of the event. The distance between the organization - the guest - and the attendee is minimized.

- Organize time: Organize when enough people register

- Participation cost: 100,000 VND (including drinking water - parking - printing - other operating expenses).

- Register at:

- Venue partner: Qspace

Organized by: and

About Pham Dai Bang: Freelance writing at - Founder

About Qspace: Fanpage

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