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Content Creation - Content Creation Self-Taught Program

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Content Creation - Content Creation Self-Taught Program
Content Creation - Content Creation Self-Taught Program

Time & Location

Time will be updated soon.

Location is TBD

About The Event

Content Creation - Content Creation Self-Taught Program

If you are a person to create content, especially as a writer (and no matter who you are, whatever you do) - you'll probably end up with a bunch of " this difficulty stuff:

- Having too many ideas (which can't be written down) and no ideas (which still have to be written down)

- Secret words to express (although know very well what it means) or know English very well but cannot express in Vietnamese language (And vice versa).

- How to have a creative, engaging content approach that has to be "made until"

- Don't know where to start, although I really want to write and do content. And always pondering the question 'how to live with the writing profession', both earning income and keeping the passion ....

And countless other difficult numbers...

If you are experiencing these difficulties, it is not surprising, as it is probably a problem shared by both successful people and those who are still wondering about self-study - like myself. Compassion is a project running content pages on topics ranging from spiritual strength and personal development to culture and art. With 02 years of focusing on building core competencies in content production, the Charity Team is self-taught, self-searching for information to work. With an automated goal with a deeper, more structured approach, in 2019, we decided to open up some content activities, to the group and to the outside of the community. Partly targeted personnel search on content coming to the group.

And Create Content - This Content Creation Self-Taught is one of them.


Some Event Information

This is a self-learning program, shared architecture - about the topic development (light create) content - the special comment is into the content form (include the other 'media' 'such as editorial, journalism, video ... however low important rate).

Formal auto-learning - ie participants will learn from each other, under the framework of content built by the Thien Tam Group and have a content guide following the original project. Attendees actively learn & doubt participate, contribute knowledge.

Main content:

The program is divided into 2 self-study sessions, each session has 04 sessions (each session is 03 hours, studying in the evening and on weekends). Attendees are allowed to register at least 04 sessions (1 session). Some main content:

- The nature of content creation

- Writing techniques: telling stories, "describing", writing rhythms, emotions...

- Learn and practice about different types of content creation: Analyze existing products - create new content

- To become "writer": How to write, how to "live"

- Fiction / fictitious content

- Non-Fiction / Non-Fiction Content

- Learn Vietnamese

- Criticize & Comment

Event Time:

When there are enough students to participate & select 10 people who match the criteria.

Startup time: In November 2019

Location: Update as soon as possible on the fanpage


Good Audience: Content Creators in general.

As people who are doing (or want to do) content, many relate specifically to group content. Or other content creators (e.g. film writers, journalism, 'different multimodal content'...). Or anyone made interested, interested in this field. Preferred age: Top 20.

Program content development: Compassion Team

Moderator: Pham Dai Bang - founder of and freelance writer at (see more about Pham Dai Bang:

Attendance Key: Attendees share locations & other operating costs (printing, drinking water...). Compassion will notify you of the fee details before class starts.

Outside of the above costs, if you want, you can donate to Compassion at:

Close at least 04 sessions before the event.

Registration Form

- Register at the form, Compassion will screen resumes & interview (if required) to choose the 10 most suitable people according to some criteria of the program

- Pay the transfer fee: Account holder Pham Van Xuan - STK: 202641699 - ACB Bank Saigon Branch. Content transfer: Hotenban-Tensukienrutgon

Registration: (This is a carefully censored event for attendees - please pay attention to the form to be past the "profile" filters!)


Compass: www.

Activities in the series of Crowdlearning activities from (learn about crowdlearning at:

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