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Sat, 01 Aug


An Lac Trang

Indispensable Randomness - Utopia Review (2 Days Learn & Play)

Impossible - Utopian Mindfulness is the program's first combination of Non-Random movement & Virtual Self-Declaration (Impromptu Contacts & Self-Training).

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Indispensable Randomness - Utopia Review (2 Days Learn & Play)
Indispensable Randomness - Utopia Review (2 Days Learn & Play)

Time & Location

01 Aug 2020, 06:30 – 02 Aug 2020, 17:00

An Lac Trang, Phu Hoa Dong, Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About The Event

Two Days - Two Perspectives - A New Wind

Impossible - Utopian Consciousness is the first combination of the program between Non-Random movement & Illusionary Self-Disclosure (Improved Contact & Self-Training).

Half is a classroom, half is a playground, half is about the garden to change the atmosphere to see things differently, the second half is gentle, not important.

These two days will be an opportunity to renew your world. Medium knows I'm a good person. Understand both body and mind. Play and learn at the same time.

Non-Random (Random Contact) is a movement of alone and with others. I will get acquainted with some basic elements of this subject, most of you already *know in your body but never thought you knew.

Self-coaching (self-training) literally “pave the way for the deer inside as you run.” We will assess the utopia by letting ourselves forget the everyday version, seeing the limits of the world. My term there are not to the idea, to I'm be static back and be touched by people I already have capital but don't allow myself to know.

We will share until we see enough, then we will jump.

Jump to come to any near enough, it will be silent,

Be silent until you hear what it takes to continue.

This day will suit you very well if

💃 Your feet are wet and dry and you are interested in the set not being spontaneous or knowing a little and want to try harder → Good news: everyone will be like you, don't worry about others being better.

🤩 You are interested in holistic development - body, mind, mind - and want to explore more. → Good news: not only understand yourself, but also understand others. This Two days will help you ready to up a new level in self-perception.

🤗 You are up to me a blank time, split from the life is normal date, to be for the important things you are know to mind but but not to touch on. → Good news: this will be your time to focus and relax.

👍You're looking to hang out this batch with an assembly. → Good news: it will be fun to play, maybe you don't want to go home. Reality learning are many.

After these two days, a few things you can look forward to

💨 New wave: * from the seconds minutes Aha! about something important to you, to a different view of yourself. You will go spontaneously done by yourself, including * * jumping automatically.

🥰 New Sensor: * from the sensor, the touch of the people and to be good to be view and the job in. From the body leaving because of pleasure to the laughter coming from neighing to choking. * Maybe there will be a few tears because beautiful, real and fun too. *

💡 New Receiver: * you will have many questions more than answer, and important more than that you feel very OKE with that there.

🤝 New friendships: * you will meet at least two people who when you come back you will take a selfie "I'm so glad we met". This is not a will be a conference of mentally similar people but different in form. People like you.

🌎 New world: * You will be welcome and the main method enter into the new world is Random. This will be started or is an important step in the discovery & play of a lifetime.

From here, you can also join the association's weekly lessons. This is not an after you to another city (Vietnam & the world), you will automatically have a group of friends!

🙏 * Familiarity: * These things seem new, but when you experience them, you will see that they are all very close. Not believe? Go try will know.

🌟 About the non-random subject Contact Random

- 7-minute video ( ) & interview article of Thanh Nien newspaper.

- Short introduction ( sister Ly05

- Your comments - Lam ( )

- Your comments - Tam (

🌟 About Revelation : 15p video ( ) by HTV station

- Many new people, a little shy? *

Most people feel a bit reserved, nervous, and skeptical about such a new experience. The difference of these times is that you will find it a normal affair, even a device of life. First streng, familiar later!

You will have seconds from smoldering joy to apparent joy. Everything will become more normal.

Content Tools:

- Time: depart at 6:30 am on Saturday morning (very early!), arrive in Saigon before 7 pm on Sunday, study August 1 & 2.

- Location: An Lac Trang in Cu Chi, about 1 hour from Saigon. We will ride the same car, or we can go separately by motorbike or taxi.

- Site at: we will sleep together in a very beautiful and cool meditation hall, admiring the scenery and bright stars, awake by the sound of birdsong. Each person will have their own mattress & blanket. (If you have special needs, please notify BTC)

- Eating: vegetarian, home-cooked macrobiotics, 3 meals a day with calories to dance & think.

Level consultation

- Time: * 2 days of dancing and contemplation, Minimize phone use.

- Spirit: * both open and focused. You will set expectations aside for the sake of freedom.

Main Document / resource: *

- Early Birds (before 24.7): *2500k* - full from AZ including program feeds and later amounts. In addition, you also get 1 free CI lesson with other members next Sunday 😍

- Normal bird: *3000k*

- Students or difficult students: Message to single register, we will try to find support scholarships but do not try first.

Registration link:

🕺About the ferryman

Encourage breakdance for a few years of dance practice before getting into Impromptu Contacts (Not Working). Encourage colleges to graduate and learn from teachers from Boston, New York, San Francisco and Bali. Show at Incentivize Transformational Exploration is a way for a file of retreat, connection, and co-creation.

Encourage has also learned & practiced coaching for a long time, learning from teachers at MindKind Institute ( & Integral Coaching. ( )

Myself Encouraged this discovery a long time ago and saw a lot of add-ons.

Also, Encourage good questions, writing and a good friend.

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