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Two hands, and one faith

The evening of the first day of Tet at midnight.

Only tonight is full of the whole family, I invite the whole family to sit down and announce: I have quit a stable job in the management position, to do another job myself. My mother lamented for a while, then looked me straight in the eyes with pity and said: ' We don't have a lot of money, my dear , if you don't have enough to eat, you'll be lucky!' - That saying I have heard hundreds of times, since I graduated from university. And my father, after questioning for a while about what I would do, whether I could do it or not, asked: ' How much money do you need? So where's the money? '. I said I need a lot but I will find a way, if there is no other way I will borrow . After a while of questioning and criticizing, my father and I began to talk back and forth, a bit loudly, in the middle of the night of the first day of the New Year, it was cold. And my father concluded: ' Son, don't be delusional, tell me, what do you have in your hand? No one lends you a loan and they don't see you as worthy, so wake up."

I was furious, but firmly replied: ' You have two hands, and one belief '. Then step tattoo into the dark night. In the midst of my mother's cries, I felt my eyes well up with tears.

(Shared by: Pham Dai Bang - Founder of Compassion )

21 Stories

A year has passed

One year has passed, since that day, I, with that 'two hands and one belief', created , a website on developing mental health for everyone . But for me, is also a belief I want to verify about what I said on that first night of tears. To this day, I still have the faith to keep going, and besides that I have created the team that we created together:

> 2000 People

Register for Compasion's activities
(Events, subscribers, product purchases)


Operating 02 websites with tens of thousands visitor/reader, 02 fanpage with ~5000 followers

~ 200 post

Are translations, articles, expert advice, produced and published

30 events /workshop

Organize many events/workshops share many topics with ~ 9 thousand people interested/going

A large team of Editors and volunteers (have been collaborating)


All the above results are natural effects according to Crowdsourcing model, with operating & marketing costs = 0 VND

Some Other Results

Kết Quả Đã Tạo Ra

Spread the faith to

During that one-year operation, with its belief, has witnessed and accompanied those who are in the most distrustful and most difficult moments in spiritual life . They can be an international student playing in a foreign land when they read a sympathetic article - solve a problem, be a young person who is most confused in his career and finds a supportive event. career, as a friend who is going through a period of depression, wants to die, but finds Compassion 's online counseling service to be able to experience... those things make us more motivated to work. maintain its products and services. And behind that are dozens of volunteers and collaborators, and even experts, supporting professionals...

Tác Động
Compassion Là Gì

We want to raise capital

200,000,000 VND

from the community to continue implementing projects for the new year, the following:

(The mobile version is shortened to optimize the browser, you can watch it with your laptop/desktop for the most complete experience)

Belief from the strength of the community

With the Crowdsourcing operating model - Using community resources , to provide the services you are receiving, behind are many people - all of them, volunteers, collaborators , experts... spend a lot of time tribute without receiving any other material value.


The atmosphere of the Lunar New Year is approaching, for everyone is the spirit of waiting for salary - year-end bonus, while we are wondering 'how to have resources to continue operating' and still continue to take risks with the ' other' belief plans. Which really needs your companion. The 'doing by faith' thing you're reading here is this:



Expanding the topic group from 'happiness & life' of  to the topic 'arts & culture' at 


Operating - Family & Parenting

Expanding activities to - a page about family and parenting


Enhancing core competencies in content creation

- Operating the Vietnam New Writers community: young/new author community in Vietnam

- Organize self-study activities to create content


Release of content publications

Publish publications of editorial-produced content on the topics of the majors

Confidence 200,000 VND

You can completely become a 'faith advocate' of Compassion. There you only need to have ' 200,000 VND and a belief ' to support us to continue. Your 200,000 VND amount will not be lost , but for 'a belief', you should try to put it for and verify it by time.

In which, each package 'Trust 200,000 VND' you will receive:

200 believe

01 service or product package with the price of 200,000 VND

on the system of specialized pages of Compassion (with a 2-year shelf life)

01 letter confirming belief from Compassion

Details of the support package policy will be publicly posted by Compassion on its website in the near future. Besides, you can also support us with the package ' Trust X00.000d ' with other amounts and benefits equivalent to . Or donate (support without benefits) to us in the form of donation/support at: .

Mục Tiêu Dự Án

Why you should become a 'Faith Advocate' for Compassion


If you are a parent (or in a family with children/grandchildren under the age of 13): You are helping Compassion Publish useful content that your children/grandchildren can access

(On website in Compassion's system or Youtube channel, content will be developed in 2020).

Love art

If you are a person interested in cultural and artistic topics, you are helping us develop content on

Psychological care

If you are a person interested in mental health (psychology ) - you are helping us to produce and publish publications (books, notebooks, cards...) that you can purchase or use. Yes, on or watch the content in podcast or video format at Fanpage .

Social activities

​​If you are a believer in favor of useful projects - this is definitely an option for you to consider.


Compassion Will Use 200,000 VND For Your Faith?

In 2018, our team developed a large amount of content in the 'article' format on the subject of mental health (psychology) - And we will expand in 2020 to the topic of education. parenting & family education at and expand the content formats below: View details: Will Compassion Use 200,000 VND For Your Faith?

Publication Publications

Publication of publications and books in print (hard copy)

Release Podcasts

Publishing content in Audio, Podcast format to reach many people

Release video

Build videos to convey content in a Visual form, more accessible to readers

An example of a Video content form


Help you understand to put your trust in Compassion

Detailed articles about Compassion's 200 Believe fundraising campaign , helping you better understand related information

Those who have put their faith in Compassion

Ms. Le An

Founder Cai To Small

Support to raise funds for Compassion

Ms. Doan Huong
MSc Psychology

Support and trust Compassion

Hana Yuki's friend

Students - readers

Spending 200 is not enough for a dress I like, for the homeless on the street only for 1 person, what about the others. But with 200,000, I think Compassion will help more people in terms of spiritual value, which life is hard to get now and even I myself get more value in return than a dress of more than 200,000. .

Tram Ngoc Ninh

International students - readers

For Compassion Team, keep your wonderful dream


The list of participants and supporters is continuously updated and publicized on the website

Sign Up for '200 Believe'

After completing the registration form, you can transfer funds to Compassion according to the information below - or see email to receive more support information .

Tham gia
Donate info

Support/Participation Information

Step 1 : You support by leaving your personal information at: registration form (if you have completed step 1, see more in step 2, or contact Compassion through the following official communication channels:
- Compassion's Fanpage:
- Email contact:
- Phone number: 0973.768.653

Step 2 : Then transfer to Compassion, all information about your participation will be publicly posted on at link  List 'Believer' - People Put Your Faith In Compassion (unless you want privacy).

Account information to receive support:

Account number : 202641699
Account Holder : Pham Van Xuan - ACB Saigon Branch
Transfer content: Hotenban_tinnhancuaban

- Please help CPS write your name to facilitate gratitude and save information)
- For individuals/organizations located outside of Vietnam, please contact Fanpage or email   for assistance with the transfer method)

When I give, I receive happiness, joy, kindness... then that is my need. So I realized, giving is really a need to receive, and inherently is to receive.

Founder : Pham Dai Bang

Account information to receive support:

Account number : 202641699
Account Holder : Pham Van Xuan - ACB Saigon Branch
Transfer content : Hotenban_tinnhancuaban

- Please help CPS write your name to facilitate gratitude and save information)
- For individuals/organizations outside of Vietnam, please contact Fanpage or email for assistance with transfer method)


Pictures of Compassion's Offline Activities

Compassion .'s events, courses and other offline activities

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